Activate CRN

8 week release 

Activate fineturf granulars combine the Terralift organic complex with methylene urea technology to provide extended release over 8 weeks. Whilst delivering all the essential nutrients for healthy turf, the additional microbial support ensures the building blocks are in place for soil friability, water percolation and CEC
within the root zone.

  • Chelated and regulated release of all essential nutrients, not just nitrogen
  • Increased soil fertility without clogging sand profiles
  • Maximised nutrient utilisation
  • Stable humus for better soil nutrient holding ability (increased CEC)
  • Improved moisture holding ability
  • A more active and diverse soil microbe population

Activate N


20-1-4 +2Mg

CRN with Methylene Urea (MU)

  • Used as a maintenance fertiliser following renovation
  • Denser sward through better tillering and less top growth

Application rates
Standard rate: 2.5kg/100m²
Heavy soils: 1.5kg/100m²
Sand soils: 4kg/100m²

Recommended Period of Use
Late Spring to Summer

Activate K


8-0-16 + 2Fe + 1Mg

CRN with Methylene Urea (MU) 

  • High K formulation for turf strength
  • Ideal for potassium deficient soils
  • Creates tighter surfaces and deeper roots

Application rates
Standard rate: 2.5kg/100m²
Heavy soils: 1.5kg/100m²
Sand soils 4kg/100m²

Recommended Period of Use
All year

I use Activate N every year at renovation as it gives me consistent results even in difficult conditions such as unexpected rain. The longevity, colour response and organic content all make Activate N a great product for our course.
— Andrew Smith, Golf Course Superintendent, Yamba Golf & Country Club.