Soilmax Liberate

Soilmax Liberate is a unique, low pH soil conditioner, used to unlock soil nutrients such as calcium & magnesium, made unavailable by high bicarbonate irrigation waters.

  • Improves soil structure and porosity
  • Enhances turf quality, where poor irrigation waters are used
  • Dual action, improves key nutrient availability and maximises uptake
  • Safe to turf and applicator (non DG, non corrosive)
  • No injection equipment necessary

The two key mechanisms where Soilmax Liberate works on improving your soil are:

1. Soil acidification

  • Releases locked up soil nutrients
  • Dissolves water insoluble calcium and magnesium
  • Increases water infiltration and percolation
  • Increases fertiliser efficiency

2. Nutrient chelation

  • Provides chelating capability to unlocked soil nutrients, maximising nutrient uptake capability
  • Maximises CEC influence in the soil, improving soil structure.

Soilmax Liberate is best applied as a program of weekly treatments for three weeks, expanding to monthly intervals thereafter.

Application rate: 5-10 lts/ha

Dilution: 1:100+ lts water

Recommended Period of Use
All year