TX 6-2-4

10-12 weeks release

Outfield Granular

Multi-purpose sports grass fertiliser for use in a wide variety of surface conditions from base feeding on sandy root zones to wear tolerance on high usage swards.

  • Ideal for heavily played rugby, soccer and council grounds
  • Target your weakest fairway to improve cover and colour
  • Hold grass on ball landing areas and approaches
  • Reduce wear on green-to-tee tracking
  • Improve grass and moisture retention on mounds and exposed thin soil sites

Application rate
Standard rate: 3kg/100m²
Hard worked areas:

Recommended Period of Use


New construction and turf renovation

  • Turf laying, re-seeding and repair of bare or thin areas
  • Ideally, blend with the root zone soil and leave to stand for two weeks
  • Alternatively, rake half into the top 5cm of soil prior to seeding or turf laying. Apply the balance once grass is up or laid turf has bedded in.

Application rate: 5kg/100m²

We used a range of Terralift products as part of the renovations of the stadium pitch. Year Round Sports Grass 6-2-8 in particular was used as a pre seeder and found it gave excellent results in both deep rooting and density of the sward. We are delighted with the results and will continue to use Terralift products.
— Alistair Connell, Head Groundsman, Scotstoun Stadium