Terralift Technologies

The technologies developed by Terralift have evolved through emphasis on fully exploiting natural materials and their capacity to optimize the soil chemistry together with the plant’s efficiency in its uptake and use of applied nutrition.

Terralift Proprietary Composting Technology


The foundation of Terralift Performance Fertilisers is the organic complex, produced in a proprietary three stage process of ten different organic materials including selected manures, marine life, seaweeds, animal and vegetable proteins, humates, acids and carbohydrates.

TPC restricts nitrogen fixing bacteria levels to allow actinomycetes and mycelium fungi to flourish for more plant growth regulators (PGRs) and better stable humus. TPC technology provides the core components in all Terralift formulae to ‘organo-wrap’ added chemical NPK materials, allowing for a lower analysis, which produces quality turf with the key attributes of resilience, sward density and sustained performance.

Nitrogen + Organic fusion granulation technology


The Terralift organic fusion process blends and successfully binds three nitrogen forms (nitrate, ammoniac and ureic) with organic NPK and trace elements plus added minerals for a controlled release of up to 10 weeks while the nutrient soil preservation properties of the organic complex limit leach or evaporation loss regardless of rainfall or dry conditions.

NORF granules come as stable, homogenous, fine particles that spread evenly and disintegrate with moisture, such that the nitrate portion together with K and Mg ensure early colour without soft growth.

Methylene Urea (MU) + Organic Complex technology


MU is a slow release chain of urea components (NH4 and NO3) linked to carbon and hydrogen. Research field trials have shown the MU chain to work extremely well with our FROC and ATD organic complex. In MORC granules we employ a 16 week MU for a proven 14 week granule, while our liquid forms contain an 8 week MU chain for a proven 6 week liquid.

The MU nitrate and ammoniac N are released by microbial breakdown of their carbon link. Therefore the combining of our organic complex with MU provides the best possible potential for the indigenous microbe population being ready to facilitate this process as needed by the grass. 

MU has the advantage that it is not affected by moisture, pH variance, and high or low temperatures, adding to the certainty of the optimum release pattern. Our MU is a specific fine particle production known for its stability and desirable early and long release characteristics.