TX Trace

TX Trace combines the well proven soil building properties of the Terraift Organic Complex with all the essential trace elements required for turf grass. TX Trace will build long term trace element levels, especially in low CEC sand profiles and new constructions.

  • Long term trace element replenishment
  • Organic complex helps regulate growth for balanced micro nutrient uptake
  • Heightened colour response

Application rates

Recommended Period of Use
Spring and Autumn


TX Trace contains the following minor and trace nutrients:

Ca (2%)  |  Builds soil CEC, microbial life and plant tissue wall strength

S (12%)  |  Supports the uptake of ammonical N, cell division and microbial life

Mg (3%)  |  Key to photosynthesis (colour) and the conversion of nitrate to protein for hardy growth

Fe (6%)  |  Promotes green-up (chlorophyll formation) and is a catalyst for nitrogen fixing

K (6%)  |  Presence of potassium regulates water retention for grass hardness and stress tolerance

Mn (5%)  |  Its presence in soils supports disease antagonistic bacteria

B (0.02%)  |  Hardens cell wall structure for grass resilience

Zn (0.56%)  |  Helps regulate growth and water intake