Performance & Value

PRODUCT COMPETENCE | Terralift fertilisers are the most researched and field proven of their type in the market. Over 30 years of use in a variety of challenging climates, soil types and play intensity around the world.

PROGRAMME EFFICIENCIES | Terralift fertiliser programmes are a safe, reliable path to consistent high quality playing surfaces. By building soil fertility and healthier grass, Terralift programmes achieve superior results that will cost no more and allow for reduced use of wetting agents, fungicides and irrigation water for a lower overall cost. 

The core components to all Terralift products are

  • Amino acids and Enzymes
  • Promote balanced nutrient uptake to-limit soft growth and nutrient deficiency
  • Increase plant cell metabolic activity to-promote slow, even, hardy growth

Humic & Fulvic acids

  • Boost root zone CEC to limit nutrient drainage from the root-zone
  • Release soil pH held nutrients for chelation by Amino Acids
  • Bind with water molecules to reduce loss to evaporation in warmer periods
  • Disable pathogens to restrict their invasion of host plants
  • Provide a favoured carbon food source for mycorrhiza and other beneficial microbes
  • Is an excellent foliar transporter for nutrients including trace elements.

Plant Growth Regulators (PGRs)

  • Trigger rooting and boost Mycorrhiza web – root mass efficiency
  • Maintain plant normality in times of N shortages – limit erratic rise and fall growth
  • Offset growth spurts – slower, denser growth
  • Promote uniformity in cell shape and wall density-rapid mower cut/disease repair.