Cleans up thatch and invigorates the grass sward without disruption or loss of playing surface. 

  • Improve playing surface firmness 
  • Minimise disease harbour beneath the surface
  • Re-establish nutrient and water flow to the root zone

T-Thatch is a scientific combination of:

  1. Decomposing enzyme solution (10 litres) – to rapidly breakdown thatch/OM into its cellulose, silicate and humate parts
  2. Humus converting soil microbes (2 litres) – to convert the decomposed thatch into plant available nutrition and clear soil pore spaces for better aeration

Application rate:  36-48 lts/ha
Dilution: 1:6+ litres water
Recommended Period of Use:
Late Spring to Autumn

T-Thatch application

  • Regular OM treatment – apply once each season to consume accumulated organic matter created by the growth cycle. 36lts/hectare
  • Standard thatch treatment – apply to existing thatch to aggressively consume dead organic matter content, free up water/air movement and allow top-dressing sands into the profile. Standard rate: 36 lts/hectare. Heavy thatch: 48 lts/hectare
  • Scarifying and verti-cutting – improve the results of scarifying and verti-cutting by following with a T-Thatch treatment. Standard rate: 36 lts/hectare. Heavy thatch: 48 lts/hectare
  • Intensive thatch programme – for deep or buried thatch. Please refer to the problem solving section for a full description.

Working with old greens is always a constant battle in our environment, using T-Thatch has helped improve the surface quality of my greens as they are always firmer & truer after an application.
— Matt Barden, Superintendent, Parkes Golf Club